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Dream Jobs

What is a Dream Job?

A dream job is one that matches with your interests and values. But it’s not just a job, it is a potential career.  What better way is there to explore these possibilities than to do it as a high school intern? And, in most cases get paid.

RGHS is one of just a few schools with an APS approved “Job Internship” program and can help you arrange job interview opportunities.  We are looking for students who have transportation. A schedule that accommodates an early release at least two days per week is desirable but some businesses will accept weekend interns.

Advantages of getting one of these RGHS internships positions:

*Elective credit    *Gateway to your dream job or career   *Most are paid positions   *Resume builder

 10/23/17 (updates continually)

Internship Jobs accepting applications now:



-A) Fall semester: after school gardening program;  B)January 2018 semester “Grow the Growers” program (.5 credit with stipend

*Auto mechanic intern:

-new car dealership: lube/oil/filter changes; batteries; belts/hoses/cooling. Must be 18 years old.


*CenturyLink contractors:


-Installation Intern:  Must have some knowledge of low voltage wiring, be at least 18 years old “with a pickup truck” and willing to work on seeking certification (this is an internship job with long-term potential for a permanent position in the tele-communications industry).


Environmental Sustainability:

-Typically, 30-hour after school projects with elective credit and a stipend with a potential for 7 week summer internships at minimum wage and elective credit


Explora Museum, 2 year paid internship that is for 10 graders only. December application deadline


*Hospitality & Tourism Internships-Downtown Hotels

-Culinary Arts, Front Desk, Clerical, and Security


*Internships in Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)

-With an Albuquerque hospital.  Must be 18 years old


Police, Sheriff, and FBI:

-Each agency sponsors academies of different lengths for high school students.  Last year RGHS had one student accepted the annual FBI 3-day Teen Summer Academy


Contact: John Vitale-RGHS Job Internship Coordinator, Room 105 Admin building, email address     (available for individual student assistance in Room 105 of Admin Buildings or for Classroom/PLC presentations on Mondays)

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