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Dream Jobs

What is a Dream Job?

A dream job is one that matches your interests and values. But it’s not just a job, it is a potential career.  What better way is there to explore these possibilities than to do it as a high school intern? And, in most cases get paid.

RGHS is one of just a few schools with an APS approved “Job Internship” program and can help you arrange job interview opportunities.  We are looking for students who have transportation. A schedule that accommodates an early release at least two days per week is desirable but some businesses will accept weekend interns.

Advantages of getting one of these RGHS internships positions:

*Elective credit    *Gateway to your dream job or career   *Most are paid positions   *Resume builder

 10/23/17 (updated continually)

Internship Jobs accepting applications now:



-A) Fall semester: after school gardening program;  B)January 2018 semester “Grow the Growers” program (.5 credit with a stipend


Auto mechanic intern:

new car dealership: lube/oil/filter changes; batteries; belts/hoses/cooling. Must be 18 years old.


CenturyLink contractors:

Installation Intern:  Must have some knowledge of low voltage wiring, be at least 18 years old “with a pickup truck” and willing to work on seeking certification (this is an internship job with long-term potential for a permanent position in the tele-communications industry).


Environmental Sustainability:

Typically, 30-hour after school projects with elective credit and a stipend with a potential for 7 week summer internships at minimum wage and elective credit

Explora Museum, 2 year paid internship that is for 10 graders only. December application deadline


Hospitality & Tourism Internships-Downtown Hotels

Culinary Arts, Front Desk, Clerical, and Security


Internships in Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)

With an Albuquerque hospital.  Must be 18 years old


Police, Sheriff, and FBI:

Each agency sponsors academies of different lengths for high school students.  Last year RGHS had one student accepted the annual FBI 3-day Teen Summer Academy

Contact: John Vitale-RGHS Job Internship Coordinator, Room 105 Admin building, email address (available for individual student assistance in Room 105 of Admin Buildings or for Classroom/PLC presentations on Mondays)

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