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RGHS Substance Education Program (SEP)

What is the RGHS Substance Education Program?

The RGHS Substance Education Program, or SEP, is a psychoeducational program offered to support students and their families. SEP focuses on six key areas:

  • Substance Education

  • Harm Reduction

  • Safety

  • Communication skills

  • Resources

  • Support

Why Was I Referred to SEP?

You may have been referred to SEP if:

  • Your child was suspended due to an infraction involving a controlled or illegal substance.

  • You are concerned about your child’s substance use and would like more information on how you can support your child.

Who Must Attend SEP?

SEP is offered to families upon a student's first controlled or illegal substance infraction. If a student receives a second controlled or illegal substance infraction and has not attended SEP, attendance is required upon the second suspension. Both the student and parent/guardian must attend SEP together. Participation is limited to once a school year.

When is SEP?

SEP is held either virtually via Google Meets or in person at Rio Grande High School, from 3:00 - 4:30 pm. Dates vary depending on need and number of referrals. You will receive an email with information on your session date.

What is the Difference Between SEP and PIP?

Nothing. The RGHS Substance Education Program is the same as “PIP”, the Parent Involvement Program. At RGHS, we have chosen to rename the program, because we know you are already involved in your child’s life, but you may just need more information and resources to help support your child.

More information on PIP can be found in the APS Handbook for Student Success.

Who Facilitates SEP?

SEP is facilitated by the RGHS Crossroads Counselor, Melissa Milligan. As a Crossroads counselor, Ms. Milligan works with students, families and the community on substance use prevention, intervention and harm reduction. Ms. Milligan is available to work with both students and families on substance related issues. Any RGHS student or family can request Crossroads services. To learn more about Crossroads services visit the RGHS Crossroads Counseling page.

How Can I Register For SEP?

If you are interested in registering for the RGHS Substance Education Program, please contact Ms. Milligan by email or by phone at 505-873-0220 ext. 50027.