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The Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (MC JROTC) teaches young men and women discipline, confidence, and leadership skills which help with accomplishing short term and long term goals after graduation from High School.  The curriculum is designed to develop determination and decision making abilities to assist students regardless of career paths after graduation.  JROTC is a High School Elective.  Cadets in any JROTC Program are under no obligation to join the military. MCJROTC seeks students who are of good moral character, want to challenge themselves mentally and physically, and desire to become humble yet productive members of their community.

In addition to the classroom syllabus, Rio Grande MCJROTC offers competition teams that participate in local, state, and often National level competitions.  Teams include:


- Air Rifle Team

- Drill Team Armed & Unarmed

- Color Guard Team

- Annual Cadet Birthday Ball

- Physical fitness Team

- Raider Challenge Team

- Flag Football Competition

- Numerous Scholarship opportunities


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