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Crossroads Counseling

RGHS Counselor: Melissa Milligan

Phone: (505) 873-0220 ext. 50027

Crossroads is a substance abuse prevention & intervention program for APS students.

The program services are delivered by a group of licensed school counselors with training and experience in the field of substance abuse. This program has been operating in many APS High Schools since 1995.

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  • Information dissemination
  • Normative and preventative education
  • Initial assessment
  • Problem identification and referral
  • Environmental approaches
  • Community resources integration and skills training

The Parent Involvement Program (PIP) is an alternative to long-term student suspensions for drug and alcohol violations. Students and their parents attend an after school/evening cycle of sessions addressing:

  • Communication
  • Facts about drugs and drug use
  • Media literacy and adolescent issues
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Parent/teen issues
  • Focus on the family

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) continues to provide services to APS employees. Please reach out by calling 505-880-3718 to schedule an appointment. Sessions are continuing to be facilitated through phone or by using a telehealth platform. The current platforms that we are using include Google Voice for phone only sessions and WeCounsel for video sessions. No face-to-face sessions are allowed at this time. Both EAP therapists have completed a twelve-hour Tele Behavioral Health course to ensure compliance with best practices utilizing technology.

EAP Contacts:

•Judy Venczel, EAP therapist at

•Leah Carleton, EAP therapist at

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