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Suicide Prevention

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

Counseling Department

Parents and students should contact their counselor of record for any concerns. The 9th grade counselor is located in B-building near the main office. Upperclassman counselors are located on the second floor of the commons. Counseling services are available during the day.  If a counselor is not available, the secretary can assist students or teachers in scheduling an appointment.

Coun Contact 1
Couns Contact 2
Check out the community resources below for additional support!

Counseling Services

Counselors serve as a resource and academic support service to students, parents/guardians, and staff and are an integral part of the total educational enterprise.  Counselors meet the needs of students by helping them:

  • Become more aware of who they are and how to interact with others
  • Develop competencies in career development and life planning
  • Achieve success in school