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Contact Moses Baca  Moses Baca (505) 873-0220 ex: 50180 Teacher
Contact Robert Brettell  Robert Brettell (505) 873-0220 ex: 50307 or 50308 Teacher
Contact Scott Brown  Scott Brown (505) 873-0220 ex: 50366 Staff
Contact Donald Carson  Donald Carson (505) 873-0220 ex: 50334/50335 Teacher
Contact Silvia Castro  Silvia Castro (505) 873-0220 ex: 50184 Teacher
Contact Hugo Corchado  Hugo Corchado (505) 873-0220 ex: 50207 Math Teacher
Contact Janet Delgado  Janet Delgado (505) 873-0220 ex: 50103 Teacher
Contact Laura Earing  Laura Earing (505) 873-0220 ex: 50372 Teacher
Contact Tara Edwards  Tara Edwards (505) 873-0220 ex: 50165 Teacher
Contact Gaufua Fiaseu  Gaufua Fiaseu (505) 452-3947 ex: 50309 Teacher
Contact Abel Galindo  Abel Galindo (505) 873-0220 ex: 50204 Teacher
Contact Orlando Griego  Orlando Griego (505) 873-0220 ex: 50386 Teacher
Contact Valerie Herrera  Valerie Herrera (505) 873-0220 ex: 50370 Teacher
Contact Leslie Jackson  Leslie Jackson (505) 873-0220 ex: 50262/50250 Teacher
Contact Samuel Kappel  Samuel Kappel (505) 873-0220 ex: 50313 Teacher
Contact Kurt Kaufman  Kurt Kaufman (505) 873-0220 ex: 50167 Teacher
Contact Keith Kornegay  Keith Kornegay (505) 873-0220 ex: 50315 Teacher
Contact Barbara Marquez  Barbara Marquez (505) 873-0220 ex: 50390 Teacher
Contact Stephen Marsico  Stephen Marsico (505) 873-0220 ex: 50175 Teacher
Contact Shari Merritt-Russell  Shari Merritt-Russell (505) 873-0220 ex: 50080 Teacher
Contact Dennis Mindis  Dennis Mindis (505) 873-0220 ex: 50305 Teacher
Contact Emiliano Montoya  Emiliano Montoya (505) 873-0220 ex: 50171 Teacher
Contact Kristine Moore  Kristine Moore (505) 873-0220 ex: 50183 Teacher
Contact Antoinette Osborne  Antoinette Osborne (505) 873-0220 ex: 50344 Teacher
Contact Andrea Overton  Andrea Overton (505) 873-0220 ex: 50257/50289 Teacher
Contact Cassandra Piatt  Cassandra Piatt (505) 873-0220 ex: 50311 Teacher
Contact Pete Pino  Pete Pino (505) 873-0220 ex: 50382 Athletics Director
Contact Thomas Piper  Thomas Piper (505) 873-0220 ex: 50206 or 50172 Teacher
Contact Orlando Ramirez  Orlando Ramirez (505) 873-0220 ex: 50032 Teacher
Contact Caitlin "Catie" Reardon  Caitlin "Catie" Reardon (505) 873-0220 ex: 50169 or 50380 Teacher
Contact Ismael Renteria  Ismael Renteria (505) 873-0220 ex: 50354 Teacher
Contact John Risley  John Risley (505) 873-0220 ex: 50374 Teacher
Contact Carla Ritz  Carla Ritz (505) 873-0220 ex: 50322 Teacher
Contact Angelica Rodriguez  Angelica Rodriguez (505) 873-0220 ex: 50200 Teacher
Contact Michael Romero, Jr.  Michael Romero, Jr. (505) 873-0220 ex: 50178 Teacher
Contact Ismael Ruiz Bautista  Ismael Ruiz Bautista (505) 873-0220 ex: 50209 Teacher
Contact Darlene Saavedra  Darlene Saavedra (505) 873-0220 ex: 50306 Teacher
Contact Cameron Schafer  Cameron Schafer (505) 873-0220 ex: 50013 Teacher
Contact Benjamin Stanley  Benjamin Stanley (505) 873-0220 ex: 50267/50292 Teacher
Contact Briana Stone  Briana Stone (505) 873-0220 ex: 50325 Teacher/English Department Co-chair
Contact Patricia Sumruld  Patricia Sumruld (505) 873-0220 ex: 50326 Teacher
Contact Carlo Tenorio  Carlo Tenorio (505) 873-0220 ex: 50377 Teacher
Contact Loren Vigil  Loren Vigil Staff
Contact Demetrio Alire  Demetrio Alire Staff
Contact Samantha Carrillo  Samantha Carrillo Staff
Contact Phillip Carter  Phillip Carter Teacher
Contact Andrew Chavez  Andrew Chavez Staff
Contact Melanie Chavez  Melanie Chavez Staff
Contact Doreen Chavez-sanchez  Doreen Chavez-sanchez (505) 873-0220 ex: 50028 Parent Center Coordinator
Contact Magdalena Cobos  Magdalena Cobos Staff
Contact Consuelo Corado De Garcia  Consuelo Corado De Garcia Staff
Contact Charlene Daniels  Charlene Daniels Staff EA
Contact Rachel Deherrera  Rachel Deherrera Staff
Contact Joseph Dimas  Joseph Dimas Staff
Contact Yvonne Dougherty  Yvonne Dougherty Staff
Contact Robert Durand  Robert Durand Staff
Contact Sandra Ferguson  Sandra Ferguson Staff
Contact Sandra Gabaldon  Sandra Gabaldon Staff
Contact Evelyn Garcia-south  Evelyn Garcia-south Staff
Contact Renee Jojola  Renee Jojola Staff
Contact Leonard Lopez  Leonard Lopez Staff
Contact Carlos Mandujano  Carlos Mandujano Staff
Contact David Marquez  David Marquez Staff
Contact Janet Martin  Janet Martin Staff
Contact Angela Montano  Angela Montano Staff
Contact Letha Olmos  Letha Olmos Staff
Contact Jennifer Rivera  Jennifer Rivera Staff
Contact Valerie Rodgers  Valerie Rodgers Staff
Contact Leopoldo Rodriguez  Leopoldo Rodriguez Staff
Contact Alicia Sisneros  Alicia Sisneros Staff
Contact Yvette Trujillo  Yvette Trujillo Staff
Contact Celia Vasquez  Celia Vasquez Staff
Contact Antoinette Valenzuela  Antoinette Valenzuela Principal
12th Grade Assistant Principal
Contact Ben Garcia  Ben Garcia Assistant Principal
10th Grade Assistant Principal
Contact Jenna Bludworth  Jenna Bludworth Assistant Principal
9th Grade Assistant Principal
Contact Thomas Piper  Thomas Piper Assistant Principal
9th Grade Dean

Michelle Morris

(505) 873-0220 ex: 50364



9th Grade Dean

Contact Veronica Andrade  Veronica Andrade (505) 873-0220 ex: 50132 Dean of Students/Testing Coordinator
Contact Timothy Huggins  Timothy Huggins (505) 873-0220 ex: 50039 College and Career Readiness Counselor
Contact Robert Reynolds  Robert Reynolds Staff
Contact Helen Trujillo  Helen Trujillo Staff
Activities Director
Contact Scott Goff  Scott Goff (505) 873-0220 ex: 50022 Activities Director
Athletics Director
Contact Pete Pino  Pete Pino (505) 873-0220 ex: 50382 Athletics Director