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Rio Grande High School

Contact us: 505-873-0220

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Rio Grande High School Entrance

About Our School

We pride ourselves on being the pride of the South Valley. Rich in tradition, we focus on the following platforms.

Equity: Through dedication to excellence we, as the Rio Grande High School Community, will assure each and every student has the opportunity and support to achieve his/her goals through access to a rigorous, relevant and meaningful student-centered challenging curriculum and materials, while supporting each other in our own continual professional growth.
Collaboration: We, as the Rio Grande High School Community, will be accountable as we work together in teams demonstrating respect, acceptance and the valuing of diversity to support the learning goals of all students as we deliver an aligned, rigorous, and integrated challenging curriculum measured by common assessments and supported by best practices and a strong work ethic.
Consistency: We, as the Rio Grande High School Community, will provide consistent high expectations for:
Positive student behavior
Enforcement of rules
Academic proficiency
Teacher and staff professional and personalself discipline

Relationships: We, as the Rio Grande High School Community, will serve as positive role models, building positive, supportive, and effective relationships with fellow staff members, students, familiesand community through mutual respect, open and honest communication, understanding, patience, fairness, compassion and empathy.